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How can a wholesale account, given to an Amazon reseller, help my brand increase sales yet address common Amazon reseller issues?

Are you tired of "typical" Amazon resellers who just seem to trash your brand and just make life harder?

Are you tired of struggling to gain visibility on Amazon, with your listings buried among millions of other products?

Do you feel like you're constantly fighting to protect your brand from unauthorized sellers and MAP violators on Amazon?

If these issues and others are the case, please keep reading!

Allow us to be YOUR driving force behind consumer expansion in all 50 states!

MAP Monitoring

Get alerted when sellers break your MAP Policy and insight into who exactly is selling your products.

PPC Advertising

Protect valuable ranking position and increase sales with pay per click advertising.

Grow Off Amazon

Use our expertise and experience to grow your brand off Amazon.

Convert More With Better Images

We can create conversion optimized images that crush customer objections and seal the deal.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Register your brand and unlock the powerful benefits of Amazon brand registry including IP protection.

Impress Customers and Close The Sale

Deploy enhanced brand content on your listings to increase engagement with your products.



  • How can a wholesale account, given to an Amazon reseller, help my brand increase sales yet address common Amazon reseller issues?
    This is what makes us different. By giving us wholesale access, we help improve your brand's image on Amazon through listing optimization. First, using our world class graphics design team, we visually optimize your listings with eye-catching images (and video if desired) designed to increase traffic to your listings and also A+ content designed to increase conversions. Second, through keyword and copyrighting research, we re-design your listings to ensure more traffic is directed to your listings but also to drive traffic from competitors' listings to your brand
  • What does this cost?
    Nothing. With wholesale pricing, we remain competitive on Amazon and derive our profits there. By improving your brand's presence as described above, sales increase overall.
  • What if my brand is already selling on Amazon? Wouldn't you be competing with me?
    A NORMAL reseller would, in fact, be competing with you. However, our process is designed to increase sales overall so you win and we win. What's most important is working with a partner who has your brand's best interests in mind, and you won't get that anywhere else. Think about it; as a brand owner, how often have resellers come to you offering to help you first?
  • Quite frankly, I'm tired of Amazon resellers. They "race to the bottom," completely disregard my Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) rules, and if they are not doing that, they are scalping my brand with absurdly high prices. Why are you different?
    Our entire model is different. Amazon resellers cannot compete with resellers entitled to wholesale pricing. We work with you to set your minimum prices, and we sell via customer-centric Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This places us in Amazon's "Buy Box." We set our minimum and maximum pricing where you dictate.
  • Okay, but can we get rid of other Amazon resellers?
    We work with you on this process. The short answer is anyone who has obtained your products legally can resell them. As part of our wholesale relationship, we show you how to mitigate other resellers on your listings.
  • You are suggesting that listing optimization will improve my brand's image, drive more traffic to my listing(s), result in more conversions, and even drive traffic AWAY from my competitors. You have indicated you will do research to make this process more efficient. Other than that, how will you increase sales?
    Multiple ways. First, if your brand is already selling on Amazon, we can provide you with the keywords to use in what's called PPC (Price Per Click) advertising. We do the research for you. Moreover, depending upon wholesale pricing, we will do this ourselves. Furthermore, if your company's desire is to remove other resellers and drive more sales to you directly, we guide you here.
  • Some within my company are saying that resellers selling my brand's products create various forms of risk. Thoughts?
    We'd have to agree, and that's where we come in. By providing wholesale access, you guarantee that the products we sell on Amazon are derived from a legitimate source. By having Home Stretch Sales competitively earn the Buy Box, we work together to increase the probability of products directly from you land with the customer. It is our genuine believe that you want a professional reseller who ensures your products are delivered to Amazon FBA through the most efficient processes. We want to avoid the situation where a novice reseller purchases your products from an independent source, stores them in an uncontrolled environment, and either sends them to the customer or Amazon FBA when they get around to selling them.
  • Is there anything more profitable for my brand than a wholesale relationship?
    Yes, and it's called Brand Management where we handle all your Amazon issues for you. We oversee your brand selling on Amazon Direct to Consumer (DTC). No resellers. No Amazon worries such as logistics, addressing poor reviews, fulfillment issues, etc. Advertising? Done. We handle that. Listing optimization? Done also. Our process is to start with a wholesale relationship to prove ourselves, but we are open to moving directly to Brand Management. Please reach out for further details.
  • How can we trust you?
    Home Stretch Sales LLC is 100% owned, operated, and managed by two (2) law enforcement executives who also are United States military Veterans. To our knowledge, we are the only Amazon agency as such. We can provide certifications upon request.
  • This seems too good to be true. No one in the business world provides anything for free and last I checked, you were not a registered charitable organization. In fact, most "Amazon Gurus" charge an upfront fee. Prove I'm wrong.
    Finally, the imperative we've wanted! Send over that wholesale contract, and we can get started. As soon as it's signed, we will work with you to optimize one listing and will optimize future listings as we resell them. If you don't believe us, ask yourselves, what have you actually paid us? Nothing. You gave us the very same wholesale account that you can literally revoke if we don't start working on our promises. If you have current wholesale accounts, I encourage you to ask them: Why are you not doing this for me?
  • I'm a major distributor. You have been referred to me because one of my brands has authorized Home Stretch Sales to sell their products. Only one problem: if you have access to an account, our system allows you to buy from anyone, and not all brands are okay with your reselling them. How do I stop this?
    We recommend you install internal measures to limit resellers' access to other, non-authorized brands as a general practice. However, rest assured that if we violate your policies, we are now reselling brands unauthorized as we did not obtain the physical property legally; this opens us up to liability. Inasmuch, we will sign any contract you have limiting us to certain brands, and we can even send each invoice to our account manager so double-checking us is easy as checking an extra email.

Customer-Focused Strategy.

Our approach is centered on the customer, helping you deliver the best possible experience and build long-term loyalty.

No Charge Amazon Consulting

We provide our services for free in exchange for the right to carry your products on Amazon. We make money when we profitably sell your products.


Amazon Peace of Mind

Working with us means that you have a business partner who is looking out for your best interests on Amazon. We're here to provide answers and solutions to the daily challenges of having an Amazon presence.


A Different Kind of Seller

Amazon sellers and retailers of the past provided one big value: A purchase order. We are much more than that. We are trusted partners that are focused on growing your business on Amazon.


About Our Company

At Home Stretch Sales, we understand the importance of building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We work closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and goals, and we develop tailored solutions that help them succeed on Amazon.

We're not interested in a one-and-done approach to selling on Amazon. We're committed to building a long-term partnership with you and your business

Let us take care of your Amazon presence so you can focus on growing your business.

Enjoy Our Services for Free. Our services come with no fees attached, but with the right to sell your products on Amazon and make profits from our sales.

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